Here are some of the initiatives we have taken to minimize the impact of our activity on the environment

Pot recycling station

  • We recycle CLEAN black plastic pots bought from our nursery. These will be turned into new pots by our supplier.
  • We grow some plants in used good condition pots. This means that the pots may have some wear when you buy them.

Fewer plastic labels

The government’s requirement for plant passports means that we must use plastic labels to provide information. We reuse and recycle these labels whenever possible.

Site-wide guest WiFi

In order to reduce the use of plastic signs around the nursery, we provide you with WiFi and QR codes for easy access to information on our stock.

We re-use our pots…but the plants don’t mind!

We hope you don’t mind too.


Peat-free compost

Our nursery uses high quality, peat free compost for all stock grown on site.

Reducing carbon footprint

  • We source stocks locally as far as possible to reduce the carbon footprint. We also source British grown plants as far as possible.

Reduced road miles and ecofriendly van

  • Our policy is to group several orders for delivery by van to minimise the number of trips we make.
  • We source from local suppliers wherever we can.

Fertilisers and chemicals

  • Our container fertilisers are biodegradable and highly targeted, and we take measures to prevent fertiliser leaching into the ground.
  • We minimise the use of chemicals for controlling pests and diseases, and use biological controls where effective.


  • We implement biosecurity protocols to minimise the risk of spread of infectious diseases.
  • We only source plants from nurseries that have high standards of security, and choose local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Our stock is regularly checked for diseases.

Reducing use of paper

We do not print a catalogue. Our catalogue is available online.


  • We buy cardboard boxes and other packaging materials from sustainable sources.

  • Where possible we use biodegradable plastic bags.

Efficient use of water

We use Efford bed system extensively used throughout our nursery is a highly effective way of keeping our plants watered and healthy. We don’t waste water soaking leaves – the plants take up water directly from the growing bed.

Work wear

We are mindful of how our staff work wear is made. Where we can, we wear organic cotton clothing.

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